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2 DIY Christmas Ornament ideas for new home!

Have you just moved into your new home and would like to have a special ornament for your Christmas tree? Are you out of ideas of what to give to your friends as a gift for their new home or marriage? Here are 2 ideas that you may love.....

1. Red roof house - The red roof is painted with embossing powder.

What you will need

1. House shaped glass candle holder - they can be bought from here.

2. Clear Embossing Ink Pad

3. Heat Tool - To seal the embossing powder.

4. Embossing powder - There are a lot of different colours that you can get, in this project red and black were used.

5. Brushes

i) To paint the roof and the windows and also to draw the little heart.

ii) To clean up the excessive embossing powder before you solidify it with a heat gun.

6. Alphabets stamp - If you want to make them personalised, you can use alphabet stamps to add a messages or a name on the glass.

7. Wet wipes - To wipe off the embossing ink, in case you made any mistake.

8. Washi tape - To make a guided line while stamping and also they can be used to make a window. This is useful as it can be removed easily. Washi tapes can be bought here.

I bought most of my tools from Hobbycraft.


1. Use the washi tape to make a guided line to help you stamp the words.

2. Stamp the embossing ink on the glass.

3. Pour embossing powder over the stamped area.

4. Dust away the excess powder carefully with a brush.

5. Use the heat gun to fix the embossing powder. Be careful not to burn yourself.

6. Now mask the area with washi tapes to make a window.

7. Brush the embossing ink to the umasked area. Then repeat Step 3-5 again.

8. After the windows is done. Apply the embossing ink with a brush to make the roof and also draw a heart above the opening of the candle holder. Repeat Step 3- 5 again.

9. Remove all the washi tapes and now your Red roof house shaped ornament is done!

2. Wooden roof house - This wooden roof house candle holder is decorated with Ice cream sticks and twine. This is a good idea for wedding decoration or it can be presented as a wedding gift.

What you need

1. House shaped glass candle holder - If you want to purchase them, please visit my Amazon listing.

2. Ice cream stick - I bought them in bulk on ebay.

3. Twine - I used the twine that comes with the candle holder.

4. Glue - I bought mine ages ago and it is those blue that white in colour but dies clear.

5. Dovecraft 3D Enamel Effects - To write messages.

6. Washi tape - To make a guide line while stamping the words and to make a shape of the windows. This is useful as it can easily removed. If you want to get some washi tapes please visit my Amazon listing.

7. Craft knife.

8. Scissors.


1. First measure the length of the roof and cut the ice cream sticks to the length you want.

2. Glue the sticks to the roof.

3. Cut the twine to the length that you want for the windows and glue them on.

4. Cut a twine to make a heart shape. Put some glue on the twine and shape the twine in heart shape while sticking it on the glass candle holder. No worries about the mess that made by the glue as it will turns clear after dry.

5. Tape washi tape on the back of the candle holder to guide you to write in straight line.

6. Write your message with the 3D enamel effects.

7. Remove all the washi tapes and your wooden roof house is done!

Hope you all like these DIY ideas and enjoy making yours! Please share what you have done with this house shaped candle holders!

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